The Ultimate Tool

The SV from Servo Technologies is recognised as the world’s #1 Infeed + Re-register System upgrade for the in-line converting industry.

The SV Series is engineered to radically update your current press and finishing equipment. Mount it onto your existing press and get all the latest features, like running two webs, introducing a hologram to a pre-printed web and dual-ply labels.

New or used, and regardless of the make or model press,  the SV offers the following opportunities to increase the capabilities of any existing press;

  • Re-Register (second pass printing) (video)

The SV allows manufacturers to reinsert a printed web and then print more colors on top, effectively turning a 7 color press into a 14 color press with a print to print registration of ± .0015 thou (.0381mm).

Use the SV to convert digitally pre-printed webs on your existing label press. The SV eliminates the need to buy additional finishing machines to convert your print from your digital press. An excellent way to utilize your current tooling inventory.

  • In-feed Tension Control

The SV can be used to take over the standard in-feed system on any mechanical press and take it’s performance to the next level, significantly reduce make ready and running waste, tightening up the register and giving operators confidence to run the press faster.

  • Produce Peel and Read Labels (video)

The SV allows you to laminate a 2nd pre-printed web to register in order to manufacture multi-ply labels.

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